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Green Baby

>> Monday, January 28, 2008

Organic is big business these days – especially in baby goods. Due to chemicals being stronger to combat resistant insects the likelihood of pesticides and chemicals remaining in products is higher. And, because of our antibacterial society, many small children are more sensitive than ever before.

This site for organic baby clothes and products is very easy to navigate, if bland.

Their sidebar lists organic items, in a general sense, and gives you a breakdown of organic vs. traditional products.

Under that is a header: Organic Baby Websites Reviewed. When I clicked that I expected to see a review of the named website with a link to it. Instead these were just links to websites. Although I would have liked to know why these sites were recommended (especially the sites that aren’t in-your-face organic) I think this website, overall, is a good resource for someone who may be interested in learning about organic baby items.


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