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Valentine's Day Scrap Bribing

>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, did I have fun picking out the goodies for this month! The ladies at Archivers know me well and help me pick out fun stuff. Wanna see what we found? PS: Guys- this would be great to get to give as a gift! I'm just sayin' since I know there are a few of you that come by...

This looks like some good stuff... But that's not all of it. Before I get to the rest let me 'splain what we've got here:

We'll begin with 5 sheets of 12x12 paper. These sheets coordinate so nicely with eachother. I love to use them as mats on solid sheets. Fun, fun.

And a closer look at the other goodies...

Stamps! I love these little clear stamps. Great for borders or cards. I even included a small stamping block.
Two sheets of stickers for homemade valentines or precious scrapbook pages. Two bobbins of Valentine ribbon and-oh, I love this!- self adhesive fabric tape. Five ribbons of varying widths. Love,love, love this stuff! And you didn't think I would give you stamps and no ink, did you? Six cat's eye pigments in lavendars, reds and pink.
To make the little gifts you give absolutely adorable I have this great gift box kit. It will make 4 gift boxes and includes the tags and chains.
For that very special someone I have this hand made accordian style card.
Lots of room for little notes, photos, poems...
Stuff I don't want to know you write...
And what is Valentine's Day without chocolates? I will torture myself and enter the Godiva store to purchase a lovely assortment of your favorite- dark or milk.

So, that's it. And entering is so easy! Just leave me a comment!

Of course this little game is called "bribing" for a reason. If you write a nice little post about this giveaway of mine and link to it (be sure to let me know!) I will enter you twice.

And be sure to have your "peeps" drop your name when they enter- I'll give you another chance to win!

Now go! Write me a little love note!

PS- I will draw the winner on January 31.


The Kept Woman 7:05 PM  

Freakin' cute and adorable stuff. I try to scrapbook but I'll be damned if it EVER comes out all cute like all you internets with that crapping talent.

Tamara 9:56 PM  

ooh, I like. I did a link to this post. I really like home made cards and would love to have a cool one this year for Ryan and one for each of my kiddos.

Fantastagirl 10:33 PM  

That is sooo awesome. It amazes me how awesome people's pages turn out.

Cindy 11:25 PM  

Great stuff! (I'm going right now to leave a link on my blog, I love dark chocolate :) BTW, please be sure to let us know how you like that Buxton bag for traveling. I was thinking of getting one for myself!

lori 8:54 AM  

Yummy! Those chocolates would be very tasty to snack on while I'm on my scrapbooking retreat in Feb. Thanks Cindy for the link!
Lori in TN

Ladybug 2:35 PM  

Wow! Lots of yummy goodies here (and I'm not just talking about the chocolates!). Too fun! Off to my blog to link you! :-)

Ladybug 2:36 PM  

OOOOOOOOOPS...forgot to say I came here by way of Cindy (Babbling Brooks)!

Erin 4:40 PM  

And I got here via Ladybug.

Sally 7:23 PM  

Ooh, fun stuff!! Sign me up ( I LOVE dark chocolate, well any chocolate, but ESPECIALLY dark chocolate).

I'm going to post about this on my blog right now!

Jenna Z 8:32 PM  

Ooh, that is an awesome prize package. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sheila 9:30 PM  

Here via Sally's blog. Looks like some good loot there. :)

Anonymous 7:50 AM  

Cool. Love the stuff. Could really really .... really ... use all of it. You do a fantastic job of picking stuff out to put the giveaway together.

I will post over at my place too!

Jeni 9:11 AM  

I came here from An Iowa Mom - and I'm glad I did! This looks fantastic!

I'm posting at my blog, too!

The Mom of 'em 9:45 AM  

Iowa Mom sent me....you are so talented!!!! Would love to win me some o' that!!!

tarsi210 10:46 AM  

Iowa Mom sent me over -- goodness, I'm going to make sure I don't let my wife see this. She has enough stuff already! :)

BexInTheCity 2:26 PM  

I came over from Jeni's blog. would love love LOVE to win this great stuff. what an awesome idea!!!!

Laura H. 4:18 PM  

Oh how cute cute cute!!


Jennifer 2:21 AM  

Oh yeaaa! This is what I'm talkin about right here! Love it! Want it! Gotta have it! Will link to it, just check my blog and you'll see! LOL!

Bubbi 8:49 AM  

Nice! Ok sign me up and GD # 3.
Hope wants to try again too and so check out my blogs for love notes :)


I love it all!!! Cool giveaway. I came over from An Iowa Mom.


The Fritz Facts 10:15 AM  

I love the colors. Valentines is a great time for scrapbooking!


You are all linked up!

Cindy 10:47 AM  

An Iowa Mom sent me...

cute stuff!!!1

Angie 3:09 PM  

A love note....

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are my cousin
and I have to love you!!!

Just kidding. Love you because you are a strong wonderful woman.

All this stuff looks great!!

Queen B 9:52 AM  

Great stuff!!

I came over from Fritz Facts!!

Lissete 3:22 PM  

So much yumminess! I love it all. Especially the stamps. And the ink pads. And the paper. And the ribbon. And the handmade card is gorgeous. Oh and the chocolate. Like I said, I love it all ;) Count me in please.

I linked to you too!

Katy 3:47 PM  

I wish I could be creative....what a lovely prize.

Anonymous 7:49 AM  

That looks like a great incentive to scrap! Cindy from The Babbling Brooks sent me over to your blog!
Tammie in Texas Ü

Karin 11:08 AM  

Nice assortment of goodies! Sign me up to win... Thanks!

Kathy in WA 3:11 PM  

Love this! Thank you for sharing with the bloggy world. :)

momma24 3:16 PM  

I would love to be entered in this! Awesome and creative things to give away.

ikkinlala 12:14 AM  

What a generous giveaway!

MelissaR 12:47 PM  

Wow, please count me in, and thanks! I read about this at Jennifer's blog (Poop on a Stick).

Anonymous 10:23 PM  

I would SOOOOO love to win your contest. Very nice prizes!
I also linked you on my Blog!


Diana 7:43 AM  

Hi, what fun prizes. please enter me in your giveaway. one of my goals this year is to organize my photos. your giveaway will give me a good push. Stop by my blog, I'm having a giveaway too! http://dianas-glob.blogspot.com/
btw, I found yours through Carolsue's blog.

brenda bliss 12:13 PM  

Godiva chocolate! i love you!
Bliss Happens!
brenda bliss

ktjrdn 9:59 AM  

http://aniowamom.typepad.com/ sent me.

this look s liek a very cool v-day package.

Ornery's Wife 7:43 PM  

I came from the Fritz Facts, and would love to enter this drawing. I'll post about you at my blog, thoughtsfrommillermanor.blogspot.com
What a great giveaway!

Renae 8:06 PM  

Hi Jodi!

Finally made it over to comment! And I commented on my blog too.

OH - I so should have called you. I need something from your town and am having trouble getting it. May have to shoot you an e-mail.


Anonymous 9:02 PM  

There, I posted a comment. But don't be biased towards me because I'm your brother. And when I say that, I mean pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me. Just kidding. Or am I? No. Yes, no. Definitely maybe.


Colleen 9:32 PM  

What a package of gifts! WOW!!!

Jennifer 8:14 AM  

Entering for my last chance and first time!

You're just too much fun!

Check out the linkage I put up on my blog :)

cady 8:54 AM  

what an awesome contest! i linked to you on my blog, and i came here from jennifer at mamabears.blogspot.com.


Gloria 5:24 PM  

Awesome! Please enter me into the giveaway!

Jessica L. 9:21 PM  

What a great giveaway! Count me in!

I'm just starting my scrapbooking adventures, getting some practice before working on the wedding layouts. This would be a great way to boost my stash!

kate5405 9:42 PM  

Scrapbooking supplies and chocolates? What could be better.

Montana Jack 12:10 AM  

Cindy made me do this, again! I'm such a good DH. Pick me pick me.

michelle 5:08 AM  

I found your contest through An Iowa Mom. Just glancing through your photos I started getting all sorts of creative ideas...then I got to the part about the chocolates and all of my ideas flew out of my head and all I could focus on was those. I would love to be entered in your drawing.

michelle (at) northofthe49 (dot) com

Holly 9:12 AM  

Cady sent me! Cute stuff!


Shannon 11:08 PM  

Cady sent me also... my real blog is :

btw... I'm Shannon :)

Wendy 5:56 AM  


This is where I blogged about this great giveaway:) I was sent by Shannon from Whimsical Chaos!!!

arpatrick 11:54 AM  

Oh man! I need this stuff and it's the perfect time for chocolate. Thank you!

agathletic at hotmail dot com

rosidentevil 6:07 PM  

enter me please

pethof (at) gmail (dot) com

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