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What Do Your Slippers Say About You?

>> Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This winter brought on the need for new slippers for everyone in the house. The ones I had from last year were growing holes in the bottoms and the inside padding had become, well, unpadded. Doug's lined moccasins were coming unstitched. Caelan was rapidly outgrowing the cutest bunny slippers in the world and Brenna's heels were hanging off the great fuzzy purple slippers she got for her 2nd birthday from Meritt and CoffeeGirl.

Doug had slippers on his Christmas list (and received some nice ones that keep his tootsies nice and toasty).

I found a pair at Bed, Bath & Beyond when I was trying to find a Christmas gift for my sister. Fuzzy on the inside with a rubberish sole- really more of a bootie than a slipper.

Caelan got a pair that also have a no skid bottom. She's learning to run and, well, running in slippery slippers leads to slippage. (HA! Try saying that out loud.)

And Brenna... Brenna is old enough to know what she wants. And in a plce like Target there are plenty of choices. There were fuzzy yellow duckie slippers, pretty pink princess slippers, funny frogs and even brown bears.

But Brenna is a girl who knows what she likes. And this is what she liked:

Quick- 3 seconds to name those slippers!
Yep, they are Lightning McQueen. My daughter, the same one who likes sparkles and frilly pink dresses, chose Lightning McQueen. And she was very excited to show the clerk who checked us out that day. He, of course, asked if they were for her brother. I replied that they were for her with Brenna piping up, "MY slippers!"

She is quite proud to show off her slippers and will race around the house because, as you know, Lightning McQueen is fast.

And, in our house, he crashes alot, too.


mama2dibs 10:18 PM  

That sounds like MY daughter!

Fantastagirl 10:32 PM  

Love it - Tink has a sweatshirt that everyone says was her brothers and she says - "NO, I picked it out!" She doesn't care that it's not a girls shirt, it's the team her Papa likes and that is all that matters. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if it is a boy's shirt - she likes it. (took my MIL forever to be okay with that)

If Brenna likes Lightning McQueen - than zoom away little one!

Bear Bits 1:01 AM  

The exact same thing happened with granddaughter Lilly. G'pa and G'ma took her to Target for new slippers and those are what we went home with to. Lilly races around saying, "Look how fast I can go! I have wheels!"

Anonymous 8:50 AM  

Love 'em! that's how my girls got dubbed the "unpink ladies". I wrote an article for my state's parenting magazine about breaking down stereotypes of girls and titled it The UNpink ladies... the rest as they say is history!

Cindy 10:19 PM  

Too cute! I have cowboy boot slippers in red and black with rhinestones :)

Marie 4:10 PM  

Somehow I missed this post -- those are the very same slippers K asked Santa for (& got) for Christmas! They're really cute (& huge!)!

Congrats on your beautiful new niece!!

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