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Bye, Bye Fred

>> Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yesterday my choice for President withdrew his candidacy. I was, of course, saddened by this and a bit disgusted.

I am just curious why it was considered "late" for him to begin campaigning in October 07.

I am curious when it became OK for people to begin barraging us with "vote for me" political speeches within weeks of the country voting for President the last time. Some of these people have been running for President for 3 years already!

And I think I am most annoyed at the politicians who are currently representing us in Congress and Senate. You have a job to do, yet you are out, trying to get a new job, and shirking the responsibilities we are currently paying you to do.

Why are these things OK?

I'll tell you why- it's because we, the people, don't tell them (the politicians) that these things aren't OK.

Alright, enough with my rant.

Now I have a new thought... We were way in the minority at our church when we were supporting Thompson. I'm wondering if we will be stoned for supporting Romney. Yes, we go to an "evangelical" church. I keep telling them that I'm not looking for my Commander in Chief to help me on my path with the Lord- I'm looking for one who can run my country. And I don't think Huckabee is that man.

Nor is McCain. I think he would step up the Iraq war- kick ass and take names, as it were. But as for domestic stuff... McCain/Feingold ring any bells? How about the McCain/Kennedy amnesty bill? No thank you, sir.

That leaves Romney. Not crazy about your health care plan, sir. But I think you can pull together a fix on our economy- you've produced results with businesses and the Olympics. But I have to beg you- dump the "stimulus plan". Giving people money to spend... Please. Just concentrate on cutting our federal budget. Maybe get rid of some programs, cut some welfare. Make people earn the money they so freely spend. When a woman buys meat for her dog because she can't buy dog food with food stamps I think it's time to rethink foodstamps. Just sayin'. And I'm pretty sure there are more programs that are being misused. Let's do that instead of a rebate, huh? "Cuz my rebate (if we qualify) isn't gonna go to buying things- it's gonna go to paying my heating bill.

So, there you are. My second choice moves to the front.


Karen 8:36 AM  

I was surprised at his withdrawal. He seemed like the most normal of the bunch. Happy blog of the day at PPP!

Queen B 9:19 AM  

Thanks for your honesty. It is refreshing. I am enjoying your blog.

The Fritz Facts 9:34 AM  

I was suprised about Thompson's withdrawl as well. He had just started it seemed. But, as the primaries draw closer, a few more will fall.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More 11:09 AM  

I thought about you when I heard he dropped out. In addition to campaigning starting earlier and earlier also comes needed more and more money to run. Personally I like Rudy, but he won't make it much longer either, I'm sure. I do have to agree with you on getting someone in as President who has actually run a government (mayor or governor). You'd be surprised at the number of people who will argue that senators run a government and I've gotten thumped at a few homeschool blogs for saying that. I love it!

Robyn 12:26 PM  

Let me start off by saying...I am a Romney fan--on all sides, but I was really sad to see Fred Thompson drop out. Had Romney not been in the mix this year he would have been my choice. What made me the most sad was to see him throw his support behind McCain, the most Liberal of the bunch. I would have loved to see him stick to a more Conservative choice. Great post!!

Doug Halsted 1:09 PM  

Robyn, where did you see that he endorsed McCain? The last I read (late at night - I might have missed it) was that he hadn't endorsed anyone in particular.

Jody 1:14 PM  

As of noon I hadn't seen that Thompson had endorsed anyone. There are speculations of McCain because of their long friendship, but after he dropped there was a jump for both Romney and Huckabee.

Undecided 4:37 PM  

Sorry, just can't be a Romney fan after the 'double Guantanamo' comment - guess that leave McCain (or Obama).

Carol B. 7:50 PM  

Jody, can we start a write-in campaign for you to be prez? It could be you against Hillary... I'm with you on Romney, but he's still only the best of the worst.

Jody 10:00 AM  

Carol- I can guarantee the US isn't ready for and ex-liberal ex-stripper who thrives on common sense to be leading this country! I would be assassinated within days by George Soros! LOL

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