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Two New Skills

>> Thursday, May 01, 2008

After the great event of this morning everything else was thrown into disarray. We arrived home at 1pm only to have Caelan fall asleep on the 5 minute drive between the grocery store and home.

I put her in bed (where she promptly woke) and listened to her play quietly for about 30 minutes. Then she began to fuss.

After vain attempts to get her to sleep I decided that maybe lunch would be good. It was, after all, almost 2pm.

After feeding her (and Brenna- again- who must need all the food she takes in to go like the Energizer Bunny) I knew it was too late to get a nap started as we had to pick up our Thursday night babysitter by 4pm.

So we went over to my brother's house to use his backyard amusements- swings, slides and a trampoline- for about an hour.

All was going well. I taught Brenna to hold a wiffle bat in one hand, throw the ball in the air with the other and hit it.

She was playing quite nicely when, suddenly, she jumped, clutched herself and started running for the deck, "I need to go inside the house!"

Weeeellllll.... Beings as we came in through the side gate and I didn't have the garage code that wasn't going to be happening. So... Today...

I taught my daughter how to pee outside. It was a proud moment.


Doug Halsted 4:56 PM  

Hey! Isn't that my job! There you go taking jobs that other...err...something.

Now, the tricky part is getter her to stop....

The Kept Woman 7:51 PM  

Oh my!!! If only we were better equipped for such things.

Once I hosted an in-home party and SD took the girls to the playground at the school in our neighborhood. When they got home The Duckling told me all about how she peed outside. I was slightly more than mortified that I had left my kids alone with my husband for less than three hours and this is what he teaches them. Better than the "Three's Company" theme song that he's also taught them thought...I think...

The Fritz Facts 9:28 PM  

Just think...now on road trips you won't have to rush to find a bathroom for her...

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