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My Head Still Hurts

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

I had a nasty sinus headache this afternoon. I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t work… Brenna was in my room having quiet time and Caelan was napping so I laid down on the couch in the basement… And woke up two hours later. Still with the headache. I hate that.

Even worse, I had my contacts in. My hard, gas permeable contacts. I keep meaning to get an appointment with my sister’s eye doctor- she raves about him- and seeing if I can wear acuvue oasys. They are supposed to be so comfortable and keep your eyes moist.

If I can wear them I can order them from 1-800-GetLens. It would save me money and I could get them just as quickly as the doctor- and I wouldn’t have to drive back across town.


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