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Detained, Deported... For How Long

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

By now I am sure many around Iowa have heard much about the Postville ICE raid. Personally I don't have a problem with it. Lots of people broke the law- the employees who were here illegally, the management of the company who knew and laughed when they were told about "shared" social security numbers and the owners who have admitted to hiring illegals in the past. All should be punished.

I think what made me most irate, though, was a story tucked in a corner of the Des Moines Register today (Link Here) In it a woman was being interviewed. She said that she had been well treated by ICE and voiced no complaints; she admits to being in the country illegally.

Here's what bothers me (as quoted from the article):

She is from Guatemala but told investigators that she was from Mexico. When
she's deported, she said, she would rather be taken to Mexico, where it will be
easier to re-enter the United States.

Need I say anything else?


lila 9:17 AM  

Every summer we are over run with Illegals from eastern Europe.
I have a feeling there maybe issues this yr what with prices so out of control.

Starting on Memorial weekend--I will be doing a weekly update about "The Dells"--a kind of--report on the ground type of thing.

I wonder if they will raid any resorts? Doubt it!

The Fritz Facts 10:58 AM  

That frustrates me to no end. Imigration is such a hot issue up here, it may be the cause of a special session.

You always get the best info!!

Anonymous 12:24 PM  

Yet all we hear about in the news is the need for reform. No we need more inforcement and then it would not matter where the women was sent, because she would not be coming back.

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