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There is a Dead Mouse in My House

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doug and I were doing a bit of cleaning in the storage room. Doug, being the good husband that he is, pointed out that the traps the pest control guys put out are working.

There is a big, fat mouse trapped on a sticky trap in my house right now. {{shudder}} And it's only been a few hours. What are those traps going to look like by Friday morning when they come back to check them? {{shudder}}

I can't even think about going back there to do any more cleaning until those traps are changed. {{shudder}}

Be glad I didn't take a photo to share...


The Fritz Facts 9:20 PM  

ew ew ew ew ew...that is all I have to say. ew

Jennifer 8:22 AM  

I would've like to seen photo's just so I can go ew ew ew ew. lol

Maybe you should just go on a mini vacation until then ;)

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