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Food, Exercise and Maybe Help

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

So… I’ve begun keeping a food diary. Just to see what I’m eating. And, overall, it doesn’t look too bad to me. Sure, there should be more fruits and veggies but I don’t think I’m overeating.

I’ve also begun dragging my butt out of bed and exercising in the morning. It’s easiest when it’s not raining and I can walk the dog. I’m still having trouble getting out of bed when it’s nasty outside.

Some days I feel like there’s improvement and others I just want to say “screw it” and get and ice cream. I’m not a big fan of weight loss diet plans as there are so many and all the commercials look good but they say “results not typical” at the bottom. Ugh.

So I’m just hoping that monitoring myself a bit more closely and trying to work on a healthy weight loss, a pound or two a week, will get me to where I want to be. Which is about 35 pounds lighter. That’s an entire Brenna worth of extra weight I’m carrying.

Oh, that disgusts me so much. I may need help… Accountability. I think that’s what makes Weight Watchers work so well… The knowledge that you have to step on a scale in front of people and they are all going to know if you lost weight or had a fudge sundae. I don't know if their online program has that kind of accountability... But, with the coupons for WW on WeightLossDietHelp.com a week of WW and a really good fudge sundae cost about the same. And I've heard that skinny feels better that any sundae tastes...

I really miss the days when I was skinny and could eat a sundae without the guilt.


The Fritz Facts 2:27 PM  

I have been more careful too, and it is still hard. Someone brought cookies into work today...torture, but I resisted. That was huge.

Good luck!! You can do it!!

Kyle Lobner 8:15 PM  

I've tried a handful of things, and none of them have ever worked forever, but a handful of things have worked for a while:

The first time I decided to get really serious about losing weight, I was still the Political Madman, and had a moderate sized readership. Posting daily weight updates was motivating for a while, especially when I could do it with an exercise log and proof I was working to improve. It was like the Weight Watchers weigh ins, in a different kind of public.

The problem was my guilt response, though. When I didn't work out and felt guilty, or when I was angry because I was working hard and gained a pound anyway, instead of facing up to it I'd just "forget" to update it for a day. Or a week. Or a month.

Right now, I'm trying out Wii Fit, and enjoying it. The exercises can be as easy or hard as you want them to be, there's daily weigh ins, goal setting and a chart that shows how things are going. Obviously, if you get frustrated you can still quit and nothing will drag you back, but at the very least it provides a daily reminder that work remains to be done, and some tools that could help you get there. Plus, for once Laura and I can do the same workout, which helps both of us stay motivated.

Anonymous 11:47 PM  

We joined WW in 2003 and exactly one year later Hubby was 90 pounds lighter and I was down 50 pounds. We've both put some back on...there are no meetings here in the boonies, but we know what to do, how to eat and how to exercise. Exercise was and is key for me. We were members of the YMCA so we could use their gym. Nothing like that here, so we built space into our home for a treadmill and weight machine which we are currently shopping for. Both of us are definitely healthier and eat healthier. WW teaches you how to eat...don't go for a system where you buy their food. You need to learn what to eat and how to prepare it! I highly recommend WW...and btw, your weight and your loss/gains are private...no one yells your weight out!!

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