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>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

By 8:30 this morning we were out the door and on the way to the park. Due to previous experience I took the double stroller as I knew that if Caelan wanted to ride Brenna would decide that she was just exhausted.

We were about half a block from home when this happened.

Yep, the first scraped knees of the season. Oh! The tears! Brenna wasn't sure though, if we should go home for band aids because she thought it might jeopardize our excursion to the park. Had we been farther from home it might have, but since we were so close we were able to make it all better and head back out.

We spent an hour and a half walking to the park, playing and walking back home. After a snack of half a mini bagel and apricots Caelan had had enough. Fussy, crabby, and ready for a nap.

Welcome to summer.


The Fritz Facts 9:51 PM  

The poor thing! We have been lucky so far (knocking on wood), but baseball starts in two days...

I do love the Princess bandaids...we have High School Musical here.

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