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Mice and Arm Waders

>> Friday, May 09, 2008

My day began with me walking into our spare basement room (which is next to the storage room) to use the weight machine. I must have been a bit too early because as I moved one of the makeshift mouse food storage units (that I photographed yesterday but had yet to remove from my house) I disturbed one. Or maybe more. I didn't stick around long enough to see.

The scream that emitted from my throat was enough to get Doug out of bed to see if I was ok. Yeah, just surprised as I hadn't actually seen one until then.

But, hey, everyone was out of bed early and the girls and I were able to hit some great garage sales before the masses had dropped off their oldest kids at school.

Small suggestion to those planning garage sales: if you have clothes out on tables take a few extra minutes to label what sizes are where. Because, quite honestly, you will sell more clothes if people know where to look for the sizes they want. I refuse to dig. And maybe I'm the only one- but I bet not.

My mom came over with lunch (Mexican) and played with the girls while I put together my own garage sale (tomorrow- with signage).

And now, while the girls are sleeping, I am going to begin emptying out that back storage room. It will be empty. And once the little dead bodies of mice begin to quit filling the traps (which won't be set until next Tuesday) I'm pretty sure I'll be bleaching the room. Because... Ick. Just... Ick.

I need waders for my hands and arms... I think I recall my dad and grandfather having gloves that went to their armpits for working with cows during calving. Yep- all the way up to the armpit. It was calling "pulling" a calf. Yes, just how it sounds. And I guess cow contractions can be pretty painful if your arm is in there. Wonder if they have those gloves at the local Farm & Fleet?


The Fritz Facts 3:29 PM  

I think they do have them at Farm & Fleet...that always makes me laugh. Farm and Fleet...

Anyway. I am the same way when it comes to garage sales. If things aren't sized, I don't dig. The big school and church garage sales are great, but I will not dig for clothes. Our sale is next weekend, and everything is labeled, sized and ready to go. I made signs as well!

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