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For the Eco Geek

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

Now, you all know that the blog is called Iowa Geek. Being as I am the main writer and I am more Mommy than Geek the name can seem a bit strange. But my husband, Doug, a self-admitted geek, started the blog and by the time I hijacked it from him the name had stuck.

Doug and I do not consider ourselves “green” (in fact the term makes me cringe) but we do consider ourselves frugal and it only makes logical sense to both of us to harness the energy that exists in nature when we can. To that extent we have lots of toys that can be found at EcoGeekLiving.com (notice the geek part…); solar powered and crank flashlights, solar powered landscape lights, compact florescent light bulbs ( Doug drove me insane with these… He tried all of them to find just the right ones- quick on, long life, blah, blah, blah…)… If it’s geeky we’ve probably tried it.

But knowing this about him gives me many options for gifts. He broke the landscape lights so those would be nice, or maybe a heated travel mug for his morning coffee, or possibly a smart BBQ fork so he doesn’t have to cut the meat open when he grills (it releases all the juicy goodness, you know.)

I just love when I can find good geeky stuff…


The Fritz Facts 9:18 AM  

I want a smart BBQ fork...the juices are the best part!

We are frugal too, so being "green" sort of goes hand in hand for us as well. We now have reuseable bags for Boo's lunch, instead of using the plastic ones. And they can be washed in the laundry, they are simple cloth. Love it!

vw bug 7:01 PM  

Love the cell phone charger and the laptop... ahhh a geek with sun power!

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