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>> Friday, May 23, 2008

We had thunderstorms and lots of rain over night. Now the skies are grey, the wind is blowing and camping is not going to happen.

That's ok... There are plenty of things we need to do here at home.

  1. I really need to figure out why my Quicken won't download anything. It says it's a Quicken error and they are aware of it. But it's been happening for months so I think it may be a problem on my end, somewhere. I also want to use the program to it's full potential. Whatever that is. I just know I'm not using it the way it was meant to be used. (Any advice appreciated. I am soooo not of an accountant mindset.)
  2. Now that we have pulled 5 dead mice from the storage area (and no more have shown up in the past week) it's time to empty the room, wash the floors with bleach water, shampoo the carpet remnants, wash the shelves and replace the boxes of stuff (which all have to be emptied and repacked or tossed out).
  3. There are summer clothes that didn't sell at the garage sale that I want to lot together and put on eBay. I need to get them photographed and listed- probably Monday.
  4. My wood floors desperately need cleaned and treated. Doug bought some stuff at Home Depot last weekend. I just need to use it.
  5. I just learned of a new (to me) online photo editing tool. I want to check it out and see if it will work for what I want. It's called Picnik. They have lots of free stuff and you can get the premium package for $25.
  6. I need to figure out our schedule for summer. I always have a daily schedule- it keeps me from sitting here, in front of my computer, for too long. Right now we have gymnastics classes on Tuesdays, mom's group on Thursdays, library story time on Fridays... I want to add learning time, cleaning time, exercise/park time, quiet time (definately quiet time!), snacks, etc. I figure we can work on our telling time skills in conjunction with the schedule.

I'm sure there's more... But that should be enough to keep me busy today and tomorrow. :) Maybe Doug will get to rest on Sunday.


The Fritz Facts 10:08 PM  

You had a busy weekend. Hope you got it all done!!

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