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May is Lupus Awareness Month

>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Did you know that May is Lupus Awareness Month? I didn’t either, as lupus is a disease that I know next to nothing about. I was friends in high school with a girl who had lupus but she really never mentioned her condition.

I recently became aware of FirstGiving.com an online arena where you can raise money online for lupus or any other registered non-profit organization.

I’ve done fundraisers before and I know how difficult it can be to raise money so any bit of publicity is helpful. I want to encourage you to visit Brianne Connor’s fundraising page. She will be participating in Chicago’s Lupus Walk in honor of her cousin, who is 21 and was recently diagnosed with lupus.

If you’re planning to do a fundraiser for lupus (or anything else) keep FirstGiving.com in mind to help you meet your goal. And let me know- I’ll help you spread the word.


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