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Have You Visited Lately?

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

There's some good stuff up over at Have Kid Will Travel.

There's a new contest on the Fun Stuff page. Solve a puzzle for a chance at a Asian vacation.

If you have young kids and are planning a road trip this summer you'll want to check out my review of the Snack & Play Travel Tray. It's a great product. My girls really loved it.

I also finished my Killarney series today on the blog. Check out the huge post about Killarney National Park (lots of photos and videos) and a bit of info about what to do out from Killarney. If you haven't been in a while just scroll down the blog for all the Killareny articles.

And if you're going to travel and you know the kids will get bored with a few of your desired stops see what I did at the Torc Waterfall. It takes just a little imagination.


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