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This Makes Me Think of the Joke About the Blind Man at the Door

>> Friday, May 09, 2008

You know, the one where the woman has just gotten out of the shower and there is a knock at the door.
"Who is it?" she calls.
"Blind man," comes the reply.
So she opens the door, wrapped only in a towel, and a man is there to replace the window blinds.

I told you it made me think of it, not that it was funny...


I’m considering some bi-fold shutters to replace the sliding window cover on our sliding patio doors. The girls just won’t leave the sliding one alone and think it is great fun to get behind in and crawl under it. Me, I don’t understand the fascination. Unless it’s just fun to have mommy yell…

It’s solid wood so I think the only “fun” they could have with it is opening and closing it. Which would probably also make me a bit crazy… But at least they wouldn’t have the crazy static hair from crawling under it.

The master bedroom could also use new window coverings as the ones in there are not the same as the rest of the house. Which is weird… All the other rooms have light filtering Roman Shades and our bedroom has heavy wooden blinds. The Roman Shades definitely keep out more light- which would make it easier to sleep in.


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