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Women's Retreat

>> Sunday, May 04, 2008

My church hosts an annual women's retreat. It's a nice day away from home, they provide food and informational classes are taught by women from the church. We have an inspirational speaker and a panelof women who talk about how God has worked in thier lives.

Let me first say that there are some amazing women in my church. These are women that you see every Sunday (or more often as my church has so many great activities) but you never know how they got to where they are now. Amazing stories of how they came to the Lord, how their faith has been strengthened (when, in so many, it would weaken), how satan has tested them. Really inspirational women. It was a great day of renewal.

I taught my blogging class. Unfortunately the servers in the building had crashed earlier in the week and though the servers were back up they were not connected to the internet. Since it's kind of difficult to teach about blogging without being online we took a field trip to a local coffee shop.

I had about 35 minutes, after driving there, setting up and gathering everyone, which is not a lot of time to explain something that seems so easy to those of us that do it everyday. The ladies, who I am sure may visit, were very gracious and said it was a good class. (Hi ladies!) I think they will get more from the handout I made than from the class itself. Which is why you make a handout, right? Hopefully they will let me know if they start blogs and I can send you all over to say hi and welcome them to the blog-o-sphere.

All in all it was a good day, full of inspiration, which is always welcome.


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