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Blame Jennifer

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OK, if you're squeemish you'll want to skip this. In fact, just page down now.

Really. I mean it.

OK, Jennifer, you asked... Here it is...

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Anonymous 8:00 PM  

Gross, gross, gross....hanta virus anyone?

I hope your rodents are quickly dispatched.

Jennifer 8:44 AM  

Ahhh it's not that bad. Thanks though! They are bigger then I expected, and you know... they don't really LOOK dead. Glad they are though. I wonder too how many there are.

jessiesmommy 10:30 AM  

It looks like they might be two different species??? Two different colors and sizes?

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

I'll pass! I've seen two here of my own, although mine were small. Sounds like yours were bigger! The trap we used worked really well. Those little guys went right after the peanut butter.We think ours came in through the bathroom where we'd had to remove our tub to have some tile work redone. Just helped the plumber reinstall, so hopefully we'll be rodent free in the house! I'm sure there's plenty more out here in the woods :)

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