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We Love Daddy Thhiiissss Much

>> Friday, May 23, 2008

Brenna and Doug have a game they play often. I’m sure most people play it as it comes from a very popular book. It’s the “I Love You To…” game.

Brenna and Doug will get a bit crazy in their “I Love You’s” and silly saying such as “I love you to the twirly slide at the park and back” will have Brenna giggling non stop. Not long ago she did the big arm stretch, “I love you this much!”

I told Brenna today that Father’s Day is coming soon. Because Mother’s Day just happened she has an idea that we need to get Daddy something. So she stretched out her arms wide and told me, “I want to get Daddy something tthhiissss big.”

“Why that big?” I asked.

“Because that’s how much I love him,” she told me, quite matter of factly.

Well, the only thing that comes to my mind when I see those little arms all stretched out is a big TV. Which I know Doug would love. Which we really can’t afford.

But maybe I could win one… You see, Charter has a Father's Day in HD contest going on right now. To enter you only have to tell the story of why your dad deserves a giant HD TV- and a free year of the Charter Bundle. I think that, together, Brenna and I could write a pretty good story.

Think you can beat us? Give it a try. But hurry- the contest ends June 6.

Sponsored by Charter Communications


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