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Slow Down, You Move Too Fast...

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

About a year ago Doug got a speeding ticket. We were in rural Iowa on our way to a family reunion. Those county highways can be long and dull. It’s very easy to go too fast. Even if your wife is sitting next to you saying things like, “We really aren’t in any hurry, honey,” and “We aren’t in Texas, the speed limit isn’t 70 on county roads.” None of which were replied to.

So when the county sheriff clocked Doug at almost 20 mph over the speed limit all I could do was sit silently in my seat. Brenna, however, enjoyed the officer “visiting” us in the car and his flashing lights.

Doug was completely in the wrong and there was no use in even trying to fight the ticket. We paid the fine and Doug set the cruise control for the rest of the trip.

There have been many times, in the past, that I have gotten speeding tickets that I really didn’t think I deserved. And I tried to fight them. Without references it can be difficult. I found a resource about How to Beat a Speeding Ticket in California. Their suggested steps for beating the ticket can be helpful in any state. But if you are in California you can also hire TicketBust to help you. They guarantee your ticket will be dismissed or reduced- or your money back.

Looking at their services I am led to believe that tickets must be much more expensive in California than they are here. Another + for the Midwest…


KL Snow 12:39 PM  

Iowa speeding tickets are relatively cheap. My freshman year in college, before I had cruise control in my car, I was driving home up I-35 and lost track of my speed while changing CD's. I got pulled over for 79 in the 65 (it was 65 at the time). As a poor college student, I was in full-out panic trying to figure out how I'd pay what would've been a ticket of nearly $200 at home. As it turns out, the ticket was less than $50 and I could've paid it in cash.

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