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>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

While I know I am very lucky to be able to stay home and raise my children a little extra income is quite welcome- and it’s nice to be able to contribute, financially, to our household. About a year ago I began working with a company called IZEA and sharing information with you, my readers, that I was interested in and thought you might be, too.

Recently IZEA created a new way for bloggers and advertisers to connect. It’s called SocialSpark. Because it is still in it’s infancy there are aspects I love about it and aspects I’m not really so sure I like. And, because I’ve been around IZEA for a while, they have asked me to share a bit about it.

First, let me show you my profile page. I really like that another community member, be it blogger or advertiser, can see what I’m about, get my stats and link to all my blogs from one place.

Another aspect that I love is that I can reach out, easily, to advertisers. If they have an opportunity I am interested in I can make a pitch and hope to entice them enough that they will pay me to talk about them. And, if they don’t have an available opportunity, I can introduce myself and tell them a bit about why they should keep me in mind when they do decide to do blog advertising.

While there are aspects I enjoy with SocialSpark, there are a few that I don’t. An opportunity may appear open to be taken but more often than not you will be put onto a waiting list. If you are given the opportunity it will become available at midnight EST and you have 12 hours to complete it. Unfortunately midnight EST is 11pm where I live and I spend at least 8 of those 12 hours sleeping. And if there is anything going on in the morning I can pretty much forget about getting the post done.

And then there is an aspect I’m really not sure about; dynamic pricing. Basically this means that the price fluctuates. If you apply for an opportunity at $20 it may come to you at $5. Not quite so attractive then…

So, is SocialSpark for you? If you’re interested in building a social network of bloggers and have interaction with advertisers then, yes, I think you’ll enjoy it.

This post was sponsored by SocialSpark.


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