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It's For Your Kids

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Now, I am well aware that we, as a society, are giving kids way too many "prizes" for average performance. Every kid on every team gets a trophy? Please. No more red ink because red invokes negative feelings? Give me a break. Graduation from every single thing they do? Ugh.

That said I am a bit frustrated at the parents of the other children in my daughter's preschool class. You see, her class has their "advancement ceremony" on Wednesday. OK, OK, it's the last day of school and they are having a little party. The kids will sing and the teachers will say a few nice words and there will be treats.

And the treats will be cupcakes and cookies. How do I know what the treats will be? Because I am bringing all 6 dozen of them. Yep. All of them. Because the teachers put up a sign up sheet asking parents to volunteer to bring treats. There were three openings for treats, 2 dozen each, and I am the only one who signed up. When Brenna's teacher spoke to me about it today and worried over whether there would be enough treats I told her I would handle all of it if noone else signed up. By then end of school time noone else had signed up- and she even tried to get people to volunteer.

Her worries over the treats are well founded. At Christmas time there was a similar sign up sheet. At that time I signed up for napkins or some such thing because I had brought treats for Halloween and thought that maybe someone else would like to. Hmmm, not so much... When I dropped Brenna off at school that morning the teachers were fretting because noone had signed up for treats... When I called the office before the party the only treats that had been brought were by the teachers. I ran to the store quick and grabbed some.

Now answer me this... How do you not volunteer something when asked? Especially when it's for your kid? Is it just me or does this seem off to anyone else?


Jill 2:50 PM  

We have the same situation at my son's little "school". In fact, the teacher recently joked with me that they call me "cupcake mama" because I'm the only one that will whip up something homemade.... I guess I should look on the bright side because we do have several that will ante up for a bag of chips or a pack of napkins!

Fantastagirl 7:35 PM  

When a sign up sheet is involved, I bring the treats, and bring more than i said I would. the only bad thing is - due to the fact that there are so many methlabs in the area, they require that all snacks are pre-wrapped, store bought items. YUCK.

But that's what I'll do -I'll have the local deli bring cookies etc.

The Fritz Facts 9:41 PM  

I am always signing up for things, and have never understood why people wouldn't want too. It frustrates me that the teachers have to ask for help, when the parents should be more than willing.

Anonymous 1:55 PM  

Oh ... don't get me started. My husband commissions the soccer league at our school. VOLUNTEERS. Well, enough students signed up this spring to form 20 teams. However, only 11 adults volunteered their time to coach, my husband (who is already commissioning the whole thing) being one of them.

As my husband makes phone call after phone call BEGGING parents to help out ... spending hours upon hours of his time ... no one would. Then, those very people are the first ones to COMPLAIN when we informed them that if we didn't have coaches, their child wouldn't be playing.


Brace yourself ... as the girls get older, it will only get worse ... unfortunately.

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