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Goin' Camping

>> Monday, May 19, 2008

Not sure if we are insane or not but Doug & I are taking the girls tent camping this weekend. We're going to a state park with electricity and facilities- and a playground!- so we won't really be roughing it, but it will definately be rougher than the girls have ever experienced.

We have at least one family joining us- maybe two- so I am hoping we can wear the girls down and, by nap time and bed time, they will collapse into their beds.

As this will be our first time camping with the girls I am open to suggestions from those of you who have "been there, done that". What is your must have when camping with kids? What is your best meal over fire? How do you keep them from getting bored? What do I want to be sure to take?

Let your experience be my guide...


Marie 7:17 AM  

The girls will LOVE it, Jody! It's been 2 summers since we tent-camped, but K still asks when we're going again.

Chairs for sitting by the camp-fire... toys to play with in the dirt - trucks & cars, etc. Stuff you don't mind getting dirty. Bug-collecting gear, mini-binoculars.

I'd be surprised if they got bored! There are usually plenty of sticks and stones when camping. Those entertain my son for a very long time.

Plastic shoes. Anything that can be rinsed off easily. Umbrellas, rain boots, clothes for all kinds of weather.

I brought canned chili last time we camped - hearty & easy to heat up. Eggs in a carton are handy too - nothing to crack & no mixing bowl needed. Pillsbury rolls made into "doughboys" wrapped around sticks are a must too. YUM! We did that when I was a kid. And of course S'more fixings.

I'm sure you have a packing list. There are some very helping packing lists posted online. If you google camping list, I bet you'll find some very good ideas.

HAVE FUN! We need to go this summer. It's a lot of prep work for the Mom (at least here), but the kids have a blast!

The Fritz Facts 11:53 AM  

Lucky girl! We are headed to the cabin, no where near as roughing it.

Extra clothes are key! For spills, and just plain nastiness. We always had at least one extra outfit for everyone.

Bug spray, and more bug spray. Pull what you think you will need, then get more! Same with sunscreen.

Hats are a must have, along with sun glasses. I know how you are with the sun, so I am sure they are already on your list.

We also packed a bunch toys. Keep a few hiden, and when the kids say they need something to do (if it happens) you can bust out new toys. It is a wonderful trick.

Have a blast!!!

Donna 4:16 PM  

water paints, collect big rocks to paint on, bubbles, cars to play in dirt, if you have an extra tent that they can play in that is nice also-keeps yours from getting too many bugs.

Jennifer 8:32 PM  

Have been camping with the kids since day one of their existance. However we usually camp in a trailer and not a tent, but we are going tenting too for the first time as a family in a provincial park this summer, so I'm excited to read what your comments will be.

I do know however that my kids have never gotten bored camping. It's almost impossible. There's fishing, and sand to play with, there's swimming, and roasting marshmallows, yes make sure they have their own chairs so there will be no fighting over who sits where. Water balloons are a great time saver, and so are colouring supplies for at night when running around is not allowed. Rock painting is another great thing to do, and you find plenty of rocks while camping. Smores are yummy, but make sure you have the wet cloth ready for action :) Because kids and smores.. just don't mix.

Also one of the kids favourite things to do while camping is scavenger hunt. Just call off things while you're sitting there enjoying your day and they will scurry for hours looking for things for you. :)

Most of all have fun :)

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