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Bye Bye Beasties

>> Monday, May 12, 2008

Tomorrow the pest control guys come to put out traps, block all the possible entrances the little buggars could be using and, hopefully, make it so I don’t cringe every time I open the door to our back room.

Now, I gotta admit that I’m not too excited about mice being killed in my house. I am less excited about dead mice being in my house until the traps are cleared. And I am not a bit thrilled about the prospect of clearing out the traps myself. Luckily my pest control guy could see the revulsion in my face and said that they would be out to empty the traps if I preferred. Oh, yes, I prefer.

Crusing through the web of knowledge (AKA the WWW) today I saw a Cat scarer. This is pretty neat; it works on an ultrasound frequency that is inaudible to humans but will keep cats out of gardens. Great if there are rogue cats chasing away your birds. It won’t hurt them, but it will annoy them enough to keep them away.

And the really cool thing… There’s one for mice. May have to look into that one a bit more if the problem continues here.


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