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How We Plan to Spend Our Summer Evenings

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When we bought our house the only reason we looked at it was because of the photo I found online. It showed the house as viewed from across the creek- a large sloped yard, a lovely terrace, a walk out basement with a patio slab and a deck off the second story. It was a beautiful picture and it caught my eye much more than the front view which, though it is nice, is not quite so eye catching.

As Doug and I toured the house and walked around outside we imagined summer and fall evenings, lounging outside by a fire pit and listening to the creek. In honesty it was that thought, as much as anything, that sold us on this house. Last year that bit of a dream became reality when the girls bought Doug a fire pit for his birthday.

Unfortunately his birthday falls in October and the spring weather hasn’t been cooperating so we haven’t had much opportunity to sit by the fire with a beverage and relax. But soon the unpredictable spring weather will give way to balmy summer evenings and you can bet we’ll be outside, fire pit loaded, beverages close by (and laptops, most likely, balanced on our laps).

If you’re close enough to join us, consider yourself invited. If you want your own backyard experience visit Upside Living to create your own outdoor experience.


KL Snow 6:54 PM  

I'm moving back to Des Moines July 1...maybe I'll bring my laptop up for a visit as well. :)

Doug Halsted 10:04 PM  

Always welcome Kyle! You'll have to bring your intended as well.

Do you have a place all worked out?

KL Snow 7:37 AM  

Not yet, but hopefully soon. I'm making appointments to look at places this weekend.

Jennifer 8:41 AM  

Oh.. very nice... I enjoy my firepit so much! Have fun :)

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