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Someone Tell Me

>> Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How do you find clothes in a place like TJ Maxx? Seriously. I never, never do. I understand that there are "diamonds in the rough" to be found but how often do you actually find them?

Every time I leave that store I wonder why I bother going because I never leave with anything (unless it's for the girls) and I swear I'm never going to go back. Yet I always do, hoping that I will one day find something perfect, something I love, something that makes me feel great.

And I always leave depressed because I think it's me, my body, my problem.

Vicious cycle.


red fish 10:11 PM  

No advice -- I have the same problem at Kohl's. They have these fabulous clearance racks with 70 or 80 percent off, and I can never find a single thing that works for me. I go there with the intention of finding something cheap on clearance, and end up buying something on the regular rack. I don't understand it.

P.S. It's not you. You're beautiful.

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More 12:52 PM  

I don't have much luck as far as clothes in TJ, though I have scored some great deals. Mostly I shop the aisle marked "Separates" for the mid-range designer clothes marked way, way down. Other than that, I browse the sportswear for workout tshirts or pants and sometimes get toddler clothes there.

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