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More Money Saving Coupons

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

I know I tell you about coupon sites quite a bit but there are always new ones popping up and not all coupon sites are created equal. I just added another one to my list. So if you’re wanting any online shopping deals on books, movies, computers, music, video games, electronics, handbags and computer software be sure to check for coupon codes to save your hard earned money. (Or to get the best deal with that stimulus cash you got. That we didn’t get. No, I’m not bitter.)

BestOnlineCoupons.com has 19 different categories and about 700 merchants. Quite the selection…

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Are you prepared? Check out the savings option on gifts and flowers.

Or maybe your husband bought a new printer and you need a deal on ink and paper. (Yes, mine did just that. It’s huge! But he swears it will “last forever”. Which is good, I guess. It’s a black & white printer so I don’t “waste” the expensive ink in my new printer.)

And summer is almost here- it’s time for summer sports and outdoor fun. Golf, soccer, volleyball, camping… Whatever your game you want the best stuff for the best price.

BestOnlineCoupons.com is free to use and doesn't require any registration. They even have tabs at the top so you can quickly see the newest deals, the deals that are going to expire soon and the coupons everyone is using. Check it out before you shop.


Precious 12:01 AM  

One way I have found that surprisingly saves me money is shopping online with coupon codes.

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