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Roman Holiday

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

Because we travel with the kids we rarely stay in hotels. We always look for something more “homey”- a B&B, vacation home or rental apartment. This works best for us because then we can put the girls in a separate room, away from us, and it is almost normal. If they are in one room with us it’s suddenly a party for them and no one sleeps very well.

And because we travel quite a bit- and have plans made for years to come- I am bookmarking sites as I come across them. Today, as I was imagining what to use my garage sale money for (no, I didn’t make enough to take a trip), I clicked a link and then another and pretty soon I was browsing Rome apartment rentals.

If your plans will be taking you to Rome in the future be sure to check out VacationRentalRome.com. The site is really easy to use and using their maps you can find the perfect area to base yourself in depending on what you want to do.

And be sure to bookmark it. You know I did!


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