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Geekin' Out in Nature

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

It's a rare night. It's absolutely perfect outside. Perfect. The sky is clear, there is no wind, it's about 70 degrees and the first stars are twinkling in the sky. It's perfect.

And today was just as nice. The girls and I spent much of the afternoon outside and when we did go inside it was to prepare for Doug's arrival home as the plan was to bike to a park and grill some brats.

Which is just what we did. It was so nice that my sister's and brother's families joined us. Of course we were the only ones to bike to the park...

And, granted, it was only about 3 miles there and another 3 back but those 6 miles were the first of the season. They hurt just a bit. My legs are a bit rubbery and I actually considered not walking downstairs. But since that's where I keep the Mike's Light Hard Cranberry Lemonade I struggled down the stairs. And since I was downstairs I figured I would check in. And since I was checking in I might as well take the laptop outside and enjoy the nice evening.

Which is the short story (minus the locking myself out of the house and having to walk up the big hill and let myself in through the garage in the tank top and lounge pants that I call pajamas) of how Doug & I came to be sitting outside with our laptops geekin' out in nature.


Melody 12:41 PM  

I want a laptop for that very reason. Well, that and coffee shops.

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