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Critters- Updated

>> Friday, May 09, 2008

So... I've been hearing this scratching in the wall behind my desk. I deluded myself into thinking it was just something outside as the wall behind my desk is under the deck and outside.

But no more... The sound moved to the ceiling the other night. And into our bedroom wall the next morning.

There is no denying it- there's a mouse in my house. More likely there is an exteneded family of mice living quite comfortably in the insulation and wires. It's like a great big mouse tenement. Does that make us slum lords?

Actually it's some pretty nice digs for the little disease carrying critters. Ugh. I hope they leave the walls to die.


Ok, this is really freakin' gross... I was cleaning our storage closet which I last cleaned just after Christmas when I put the decorations away. And I found this:

Now, I do not keep dog food in with spare linens. And if you look really closely you can see droppings. {{shudder}}

The exterminator was quite nice. And it's not going to cost me an insane amount of money... Unless the nasty little critters have stored lots of food in my ceilings and don't come out for the traps full of peanut butter and canola oil. (I guess canola oil is their favorite- the exterminator equated it to chocolate.)

Gack! I just feel so... Dirty.


Jennifer 9:31 AM  

Do you even have a dog? I can't remember?

That would totally freak me right out! Good luck.. I hope they all go away and STAY away for you!

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