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Nice & Easy Scrap Bribing

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes you just want everything to go together easily... Sometimes you don't want to have to think too much as you put your photos together. And that is when a scrapbooking kit is so wonderful! Everything coordinates and you have everything you need to create a wonderful scrapbook.

And, well, to be honest, my mind wasn't wanting to cooperate when I was at Archiver's and I thought this kit was nice and everything was all together... I didn't have to think. *lol* C'mon- it was 11 pm. I had burnt out my creativity with 6 hours of scrapbooking!

So, this month I offer a complete scrapbooking kit!

Look at that- suitable for anything! Not "boyish", not "girly"...

The kit includes 20 sheets of coordinating paper...

Loads of stickers, punchouts, a sheet of letters... And a few random fun things I had: Prima flowers, sparkly accent stickers and accent clips (great on photos or mats).

And a 12x12 album with top load inserts. All ready for your photos.

So, there it is. And here's how we play:

1) Leave me a nice comment. That gets you entered once. (PS- If you don't leave me a way to contact you then you can't win. Make sure you leave an email or you are signed in with Google and I can reach your profile page.)

2) Write a nice little post on your blog. Link to this post. That gets you another entry.

3) Make sure you tell everyone who visits from your blog to let me know you sent them. For every comment that mentions your name I will give you another entry.

So easy! And the more people you send me the better your chances to win. So give me some linky love and get your readers over here!

The random number generator spins on May 31. Leave a comment now & get those posts up! Good luck!!


The Fritz Facts 12:02 PM  

I'm first?? Wow!

Sometimes nice and easy is the best way. I love the pattern on the book!!

You are linked and loaded!

lila 8:40 AM  

I love it! Count me in :)

Tamara B 8:49 AM  

me, me, me.
I think I'm ordering pictures today to start Bethany's 1st year album. Yikes, I have 5 weeks before her birthday is here. Hopefully I'll be done!

Anonymous 8:58 AM  

Another post & link from Bits& Pieces!

Melody 12:01 PM  

Please include me :)

Anonymous 6:14 PM  

Pick me, Pick me!

Bunny B 4:34 AM  

Wowweee!!! Have fun camping :) Hope I win! x
bunnybox9 at gmail dot com

Bunny B 4:38 AM  

Blogged HERE for an extra entry :) Thanks!

robynl 1:17 PM  

I love scrapbooking and have quite a few scrapbooks started. When Mom passed away I quit and am now ready to start again.
The colors you chose are gorgeous and I'd love to win this. Thanks.

Anonymous 6:29 PM  

What a cool prize! I've never been to an Archiver's, but they look like an awesome store (in their ads). I see there is one in Salt Lake City now, I'll see if we can fit a stop in when we whiz by there in July to get our grandson! Posted and left a link on my blog!

Anonymous 7:06 PM  

Cindy from Montana sent me. Please let her win.


Anonymous 1:34 PM  

This looks awesome. Thanks for the great giveaway!


Anonymous 10:23 AM  

I'm a little late ... but I'm here. And I posted about it over on my blog too!


Anonymous 1:17 PM  

I also posted it on IowaMoms.com.


Smellyann 6:32 PM  

I would LOVE to win this!! An Iowa Mom sent me!

Jeni 9:27 AM  

Hi! Please enter me - an Iowa Mom sent me.

I've posted & linked on my blog, as well!

Sara 10:09 AM  

Oooh...nothing better than scrapping freebies!! Love to An Iowa Mom who sent me!

Posted and linked on mine.

pinkmommy 10:23 AM  

I would love it! I am here from jeni.

Karin 11:28 AM  

Came from Allen Family Circus--Please enter me--thanks.

Unknown 12:52 PM  

Love the items you're giving away and I have such purpose for them, should I be the winner! I've linked to you... hopefully my post (on Mommy Space) will send in some traffic to your blog. :)

Tiffany 6:37 PM  

Oh! Please sign me up! I found you from Jeni at Allen Family Circus. Thanks!

Anonymous 10:19 PM  

Cute Stuff...I really like the cover and all the other things that come with it...saw you on Cindy B. blog...

Tammie 11:06 PM  

Count me in too....I love the embelishments! I heard about your blog from Cindy B. (the babblingbrooks typepad)Thanks!!

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