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>> Monday, May 05, 2008

Those that have read our blog before know that I don't think that humans are the main cause of "climate change". Change is a natural - the Sun doesn't produce at the same rate, our orbit is not steady and we "wobble" back and forth (producing seasons).

I have some questions for people who do believe that man is changing the climate.
First, if man is the main driver in climate change, why are all of the other planets in the solar system getting hotter when Earth gets hotter and cooler when Earth gets cooler?
Second, for those that are skeptical that the Sun isn't one of the main factors in our planet's climate - why does it get cooler at night? Why do we have seasons when Earth oscillates?
Third, of all of the "greenhouse" gasses in the atmosphere, all of mankind's endeavors are responsible a very small percentage. What, exactly will making all of us energy poor do to help?
Fourth, CO2 is necessary for plantlife and the more they have, the better they do. So much so, that many greenhouses put 1000% of the "normal" level of CO2. What is so bad about having more trees and plankton absorbing the 1% or 2% extra CO2 caused by my heavy breathing?

Man-made Global Warming - The Debate is not over!

Mainly the whole "Global Warming" hype is about Al Gore cashing in and a way for the UN to tax, regulate, and otherwise control, err, I mean guide us to a better life. Me, I believe that the current state of energy is about 30 years out of date. And the number one reason that we are in this state is that Congress really, really likes the tax revenue from it.

However, there are other ways to live a lifestyle that includes computers and televisions, but without a utility bill. Here's a few I found recently.

A bunch of good information on energy

A product that gets more energy from the sun

Next generation solar. Uses mirrors to focus light, thus reducing the amount of expensive collectors and silicon needed.

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