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Naps Already

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's shortly after 9am and Caelan is down for her first nap of the day and Brenna asked for quiet time.

Is it obvious my girls aren't feeling well?

I spent yesterday morning at urgent care with Caelan and her 103 degree fever. Her throat was swollen but the strp test came back negative. She is being treated for a bacterial infection but if the fever isn't down by tomorrow it's back to the doctor.

Brenna has a hacking cough- probably a product of the dramatic weather changes we've had... Hot then cold, then colder, then hot. Doug has the same hacking cough.

I am the only one not suffering any ill effects- except for lack of sleep.

I forsee pajamas staying on until this afternoon sometime. Or, on the girls, all day long.


The Fritz Facts 2:14 PM  

The poor things! I hate those spring bugs, they always seem worse than the winter ones.

Hope everyone (including sleep deprived Mom is feeling better soon!!

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