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Family Time

>> Monday, May 05, 2008

Yesterday after church everyone in my house had naps. Everyone. So when we woke we all had energy. Doug decided we would do yard work.

He trimmed the bushes.
I picked up the trimmings.
Brenna & Caelan played with chalk and bubbles.

Doug spread grass seed and picked up poo.
I pulled weeds and dug up thistles from the lilac bushes.
Brenna and Caelan dug for treasure.

Doug sanded the deck.
Caelan "helped".

The girls had a quick bit to eat and then we were off to a park to play just a bit more before we went to Marble Slab for ice cream (our summer Sunday ritual).

Since we were all grimy and would need to bathe I decided that the girls could shower with us; Brenna with me and Caelan with Doug.

We got home and I went upstairs to get the girls' towels and pajamas. Brenna was getting nekkid, Caelan was sent for a diaper. As I helped Brenna with her shirt Caelan slipped into the bathroom.

Into the shower.

Fully dressed and toting her beloved dolly. Who must have also needed a shower since she accompanied us to the park.

As I peeled Caelan's very wet clothes from her, Brenna joined us in the shower.

It's a really good thing I have a big shower. Now if I could just get another shower head... Or two.


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