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May Flowers

>> Tuesday, May 06, 2008

This was our afternoon project. We've had the big urns for, oh, about 5 years, and have never put anything in them. Yeah, impulse buy, figured it was time to put them to use. And yesterday was just perfect.

So the girls and I headed to Earl May for dirt and flowers. It was an adventure- there is so much to see there, you know. Especially the big water containers. I'm not sure why they are so fascinating... But they are!

I actually thought the girls would be much more interested in digging in the dirt than they were. I fully expected ll of us to be dirty and grimy when we finished but it was mostly just me. Well, except for the feet. There were muddy feet. But the girls mostly enjoyed watering the flowers.

And here's our finished product.


lila 9:08 AM  

Hi Jody,
I have been playing in the dirt for a couple weeks now and I too thought the grandkids would more into it than they are.

Trouble is--we are still getting frosts and my flowers are still inside.

You girls are so cute!

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