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It's Only 9 PM?

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

It definately feels later. Of course I had very little sleep last night so I'm dragging.

Caelan and I made a trip to the pediatrician today as her fever had not declined in the past couple of days. Her doctor said that she has a viral infection and the meds that were prescribed to her on Wednesday weren't going to do any good, so stop taking them, the virus should run it's course and be done in another day or so.

First I want to say that I am very happy that there is nothing else wrong with my baby. But, c'mon, I have to pay cash for doctor visits until we reach our deductible. Why couldn't the doctor I saw at urgent care have told me that? I wouldn't have taken her to the doctor today. All I have to say is it's a darn good thing the meds they put her on only cost me $4 (love the generics program at Hy Vee).

Brenna has been such a good big sister the last few days so, as a treat, she got to accompany me to Target tonight. Like a kid in a candy store, she was; so excited, bouncing around, touching everything, talking a mile a minute. It was funny to watch her.

You know the best thing about all the sitting and cuddling we did the past couple days? I got to read an entire novel-

If you are at all intrigued by British royalty and history this is a great read. Much of the story is taken from historical documents, letters and rumor of the time. Any artistic license is entirely believable. My book shelves are filled with history books- many on the Tudors and Elizabethan England- and I was not a bit disappointed in this.

Next on my table is this:

I read the first of the series about a year ago. I was intrigued by Ms. Rice's road from Catholicism to athism and back to Christ. The first novel was incredibly well researched and, for me, it was an opening for Christ to come into my life.

Again, I can't get enough history and no man has ever been greater in our history than Jesus Christ.

Well, I've rambled on long enough and my big plans are to watch Enchanted and go to sleep. Hopefully all night.


Birdie 2:19 AM  

awww, I hope she's better & glad you got to read. It's such a wonderful pasttime. Doctors and insurance is one of the more frustrating things in life. Makes me miss the military - a little.

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