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More Than a Clock

>> Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brenna is very interested in telling time. She will cometo me and tell me, "Mommy, the oven clock says five-two-four. What time is it?"

Since she is interested I want to get something that can help her understand time as well as learn to read both digital and analog clocks.

I think I may have found the perfect solution: the Teach Me Time Clock

Cool isn't it? Those buttons on the toes play a game: First ask your child to press the left toe button to display a random time on the analog portion of the display (it hides the digital time).
Next press the right toe button to have Teach Me Time! speak the answer and display the correct time in digital format.
And (my favorite part) you can set the clock so that it's face changes to green when it's ok for the kids to get out of bed.
And as they get older you can disable all the learning and just have a really cool alarm clock.

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That looks very cool. I may need to get one for my kids.

Jennifer 8:56 AM  

I definately need one. wait... TWO!

Cindy 12:22 AM  

That is too cool! I think I'll look for one to give to our grandson when he comes to visit in July!

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