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Vegas, Baby.

>> Friday, May 09, 2008

I spoke with one of my girlfriends recently and she and her fiancé are planning on eloping to Vegas for a quickie wedding followed by a Hawaiian honeymoon. She let me know for two reasons: 1) I am a great travel planner and 2) I get to witness the joyous occasion.

She lives in Minneapolis, which is handy as Sun Country flies to Vegas daily. That is doubly great because Advantage Car Rental offers a free day’s rental if you fly Sun Country. Excellent because I’m working on a budget.

I hadn’t worked with Advantage.com before but their website is really easy to use and their prices are very competitive. If you have plans to rent a car this summer be sure to check them out. Myself, I’m planning on a convertible and maybe a drive across the Hoover Dam. (Did anyone get a vision of "Fools Rush In"?)


The Fritz Facts 3:30 PM  

I haven't used Advantage before either, let me know how the entire process goes.

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