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Do Your Summer Plans Include Outdoor Adventures?

>> Wednesday, May 07, 2008

With spring coming in so late (and then leaving for days at a time) it has been difficult for Doug to plan a get away to our Ozark land for a camping trip. With all the crazy weather it is difficult to know what, exactly, to pack and camping in cold, rainy weather really isn’t very fun. We’ve done it; I know.

As the land we have is “rugged” we have to take everything in and the truck only goes so far. Hauling what we need in totes or backpacks can be an ordeal so packing correctly is a necessity. No matter what we do it still takes more trips to set up camp than I like. Maybe if I had a pack mule…

If camping, hiking or biking is your idea of summer fun you know that having the right gear is a must. I came across RockyMountainTrail.com recently while searching for interchangeable lens cycling glasses (very important if you wear contacts) and found their selection of outdoor gear to be very complete with competitive prices, easy to use category tabs, secure online ordering and an easy order tracking tab.

But no pack mules. They do have a backpack for the dog, though. He’s almost as big as a mule…


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