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I Can't Believe I Did This

>> Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today was actually going really quite well. OK, so Brenna woke early and I had to share my shower, but other than that it was good. I hosted mom's group today and there was great discussion (although very little was about the book we are studying) and the girls were both behaving pretty well.

After mom's group we loaded up to run a few short errands.

First stop- post office. We all get out of the truck and I notice that the weather is much warmer than I had thought. So I took of my jacket, got my purse and the packages to mail and we all ventured into the post office. We waited in a short line and got the packages sent off with very little pain and suffering.


I reached into my purse for the keys.

And realized that I left them in the pocket of my jacket.

Which was in the truck.

Locked in the truck because I hit the lock button on the door instead of using the key fob.

Well.... Crud.

No problem, thinks I, the truck has a key pad on the door. Doug knows the code.

Or not...

It got reset the last time we had work done on the truck and they unhooked the electrical system.

So... I'm at the post office with two little girls. Options include....

  • Walking home. Though not really an option as it is clear across town. And we would still have to come back for the truck.
  • Walking to the church office (where I need to go anyway). Only about 6 blocks away, but still have to get a key and get back to the truck.
  • Doug comes to save us and misses an event he is supposed to be at. Not really an option.
  • Sit down and cry. Couldn't really do that as the girls were being so cute and picking dandilions and giving them to people.

And then I remembered that my friend Kelly would probably just be on her way home from her mom's group (they are much more chatty than mine)... Maybe she could come get us, take us home for the key and bring us back.

Well, thank God for Kelly. Had she skipped group today and gone to Pella (which was her plan) I would have had to use a different option. But she was on her way home and was able to "save" us. So my girls rode in her van, without car seats, across town and back. Caelan thought she was quite big in the captain's chair and Brenna felt very alone in the back seat.

So we were able to continue our errands and return home by 1pm. Which put Caelan at her nap time. She was asleep until I put her in bed. And now she's upstairs playing in her room instead of napping.

And my day has been flustered and I'm not sure it can be set right. Now it's just "off".



The Fritz Facts 9:27 PM  

I have done that...way to many times to count! It is not a good panic moment, especially when you have the kids with you.

Thanks goodness for Kelly!!!

Melody 10:29 PM  

I am glad it all turned out so well. I probably would have done the crying episode myself.

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