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Why Brenna's Favorite Holiday Isn't Christmas...

>> Saturday, September 06, 2008

Brenna had to fill out a questionnaire the other day for school. In it she was asked what her favorite color is (red), what her favorite toy is (Caelan), what her favorite sport is (basketball) and what her favorite holiday is (Christmas).

Well, it was Christmas… Until she remembered that at Halloween she gets to dress up, visit people’s homes and collect candy. That totally knocked Christmas down her list.

And why did she suddenly remember such a holiday existed? Because we went to the store and the shelves are lined with trick or treat bags, candy and costumes. Yep… It’s barely September and Halloween items are front and center as you enter stores.

I actually thought we had the costume thing covered this year… Until it started to get cold last week. And now I’m quite worried that we will have a bitter Halloween and the costumes we have won’t work. So I’ve been checking out Childrens Costumes online that we can layer over warm clothes.

While searching Halloween Costume Stores I found HalloweenAdventure.com. I’m really impressed by their large selection of children’s costumes, their return policy and guarantee and their same day shipping (for those of us who these kinds of things sneak up upon).

If you’re searching for costumes check them out. The best part? You won’t find the “perfect” costume and find that the only size the store doesn’t have is the one you need.


The Fritz Facts 12:34 AM  

I can't remember a year with the kids where major layers haven't been needed. We always buy whatever costume, and layer away. Two years ago Boo wore her winter coat under her costume. lol

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