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Just Bead It

>> Saturday, September 20, 2008

I like pretty things. This probably comes as no surprise to those who know me. My ideas of “pretty” and “beauty” don’t always match with style guides, though, and often I am left searching for someone who has my taste. Because, although I may be somewhat crafty, I just don’t have all the time I need to do all these crafts and ideas that are swimming through my head.

I may have to make some time soon for some beading, though. I just found this great site that has beautiful wholesale beads. The selection of semi-precious gemstones in a wide variety if cuts is huge. They have gorgeous topaz in many colors, stunning ametrine, tourmalines in various hues and more stones that I have never heard of. And they have freshwater pearls in so many colors. I didn’t know pearls came in burgundy, bronze and blue! It’s almost overwhelming.

If you create jewelry you’ll want to check out the huge selection and variety of wholesale gemstone beads at BeadsOfCambay.com. They offer discounts up to 30% and you will not be disappointed with their selection.

And don’t overlook their discounted beads. There are some copper coin freshwater pearls listed there now – a 16 inch length for under $20. They would make a very simple but quite stunning necklace all by themselves.


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