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My Baby is 2 Today ... Cue the Terrible 2's

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can't quite believe it but my precious little baby turns two today. Where did the time go?

We've already had a "breakfast" of birthday cake and her present has been opened- a new gymnastics outfit! She was quite excited and couldn't wait to put it on. In just a few minutes we leave to go get her two-year photos done. And, since I knew she wouldn't want to take off her new outfit I actually planned to have it be one of her photo outfits. Then it's off to Red Robin (or, as Brenna calls it "eddie yum"... not quite sure how she got that from the "Red Robin Yum" commercials...) for lunch with grandma.

Caelan's 2 collage

Looks happy, doesn't she?


Yeah... It was temporary. It lasted until exactly the time the lady called our name for pictures. And then everything fell apart. A crazed child took the place of my happy toddler. Suddenly I had a leech clinging to my leg. I managed to detach her and get her in position for her pictures and there she stood... Stiff... Unsmiling... Unhappy.

I tried to get her to jump or do gymnastics... Brenna and I even got down by her and did "butterfly" stretches like we do every week at gymnastics... Still nothing...

Then I did the unthinkable. I tried to put on her other outfit. Anticipating that she wouldn't want to take off her new gymnastics outfit I struggled to put the other one on over it. It turned in to a very ugly scene with Caelan throwing herself on the floor screaming and hitting her head on the wall.

Oh, yeah, great parenting demonstration ahead. I spanked her, apologized to the photographer, gathered our stuff and we left.

We came straight home- no lunch with grandma; no rewards for bad behavior. Guess who's napping?


pjmomof3boys 10:12 AM  

Oh, happy happy birthday, dear Caelan! Adorable outfit!! Have a wonderful day! Give her lots of kisses and squeezes—they just don't stay little for long, do they?

Motherhood for Dummies 12:31 PM  

oh happy birthday! And sorry it didnt go as smoothly as you hoped. P.S> Love that you have the Palin Cliton thing on the side! That was sooo funny.

Anonymous 12:43 PM  

Happy B-Day Sweetie! :)

And as for the behavior. Just another day in the life ... MY LIFE!

Hang in there. It only gets better.


Auntie Jen H 9:03 PM  

Happy Birthday, Caelan! Glad to hear she's a normal child!

The Fritz Facts 9:17 PM  

Happy Birthday Calean!!!

Another day in paradise...hope tomorrow is a better day.

The Fritz Facts 9:17 PM  

Happy Birthday Calean!!!

Another day in paradise...hope tomorrow is a better day.

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