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I Have to Shout to be Heard

>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lately my lovely daughters have begun shouting. Alot. Most days begin with Caelan shouting from her room that she is awake. And it continues...

She shouts for breakfast...

She shouts for a dry diaper...

She shouts just to shout...

So Brenna shouts back.

And I have to shout to stop them from shouting.

It's getting very old very fast.

I've been telling Calean that I'm not going to respond to her until she speaks to me in a nice voice... Which works for about 3.5 seconds. And if I don't hop up and do her bidding immediately she shouts again. And then it's back to step one.



pjmomof3boys 11:21 AM  

Have you tried whispering? Coel's kindergarten teacher would do that when it was getting too loud, and it was amazing how quickly the kids would quiet down so they could hear what she was saying. Yeah, I'm not sure I'm the one to give advice though. I was just thinking this morning that I need to go get my hearing checked because it's so loud in my house that I swear I'm going deaf. But try the whispering and see what happens. At least your throat won't get sore...

vw bug 9:46 AM  

There is a teacher here that says "if you can hear me clap twice" in a normal voice. It is repeated until the kids catch on to it. They get faster as time goes on... doesn't work in my household but then again, they are yelling at me from other rooms to come see what's in the toilet. Sigh...

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