"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Pool Aid : Part Duh

>> Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh, Seeker... Thank you for giving me so much to write about on this glorious Labor Day. Which, incidentally, will be "tax freedom" day if Obama gets into office...

Unfortunately things seemed to disintegrate while I was away from my computer and enjoying the day... There's so much to say that it will take another entire post...

If you're just catching up read the first post here.

So, with so much happening today I suppose I'll begin picking apart comments...

Yeah, and what exactly is "old man rivers" going to do for you? McCain is the same old same old that has been in office for the last eight years, but I guess if your going to defend the "republican" side, then tell me exactly what BUSH has done for our Nation?

Unfortunately politics is an "old boys" club. That's what's wrong with it. McCain is not my choice as the "best man for the job". That said, when given a wide choice of running mates Obama went with the "same old" that has been in office for 30+ years. At least McCain picked "fresh blood", untainted by the "Beltway mentality".

I am not defending the Republican side. I am an Independent. I have voted Dem,I have voted Independent and I have voted Republican. I do not vote party line, I vote for who I believe is best qualified, no matter the letter after their name. And why, when you have no argument, do liberals always go back to "but what has BUSH done for you?" Must I remind you that Bush isn't running? He is not the topic of this conversation.

Whoever said life was fair. Yeah its not fair that theres a single mother
with five kids using your tax dollars to survive, but what about the mother that
is working two jobs and just can't make ends meet, who's also paying taxes who's
using your tax dollars to survive? What would you have said to your mother had
she used tax dollars to survive when you were growing up? Would you berate her
as you do others? It's not as cut and dry as you think, but do we throw the
whole basket of apples in the trash because one is rotten?

Noone said life is fair. Personal choices play a big role and if you make bad personal choices you need to stand up and face the consequnces. I have no problem with people who use welfare to pick themselves up and move on with their life. I never said I did. My problem is with the system that makes it practically impossible to get off welfare.

The reason I speak so much about welfare is because I do have first hand experience with it. My mother did take public assistance. I do not berate her for it, she had 4 kids to feed; she had no choice. The problem lies in the fact that there is no "weaning" system from welfare. You are on it or you are off it. The minute my mom took a job she lost all benefits. The system makes it all but impossible to get off welfare which leaves people on it until they make the very difficult choice to do without so that one day they can do better and change their family tree.

I don't need to ambush you with "facts" because I am a free thinker so yeah
I haven't studied up on all the points I would need to win against you in an
argument, but I do know that change is important, and Obama is offering it, and
McCain is offering....what? More tax breaks for the richest 5% of our nation,
more money on a war that I sure as hell did not advocate? What is he going to do
for this nation that is so great. Im not a person who listens to other people
when they say "you should vote for such and such" until I know what each party
stands for, so tell me why I should vote McCain over Obama. Its amazing how
unfeeling your response is.

To be taken seriously in a discussion I'm afraid you need to have some facts to back you up. Sure Obama is offering change, but if you really study it you'll see just how much his change is going to cost. Here are just a few bits of his plan:
A $65 billion-a-year health plan
$15 billion in green energy spending
$85 billion in tax cuts and credits
A $25 billion-a-year increase in foreign aid
$18 billion a year in education spending
$3.5 billion for a national service plan
Put it all together, and we are talking about a $200 billon plan, $800 billion over four years. And that does not even include fixing the alternative minimum tax, a $50 billion-a-year item that will assuredly get passed.

I can assure you that all the money needed is going to come from tax paying citizens. And the middle class will, again, be the hardest hit. Because as these taxes go up, even if they go up for large companies and wealthy citizens, the trickle down effect will begin.

As businesses begin to pay out more in taxes they will have to cut jobs. If all large companies are cutting jobs where will all these workers go? Sure, Obama is promising to create jobs, but that, too, will take money. And if people are losing jobs then who is paying the taxes necessary to fund all the new government jobs? Obama's plan is too expensive and will do nothing to get our country out of debt; it will, however, collapse the small businesses the economy relies on.

I'm surprised you found my response unfeeling... I "felt" alot as I was writing it. Maybe it was just too factual for you? Maybe I should have used more feeling words? Unfortunately, facts are necessary when deciding the future our country should take.

I'm not so much voting for McCain as voting against Obama. As much as I dearly wish there was a candidate I could say I fully support, there isn't. So here is why I am voting against Barack Obama:

1) Life is sacred to me. Obama voted against banning partial birth abortion. This is an appauling practice where the baby is "partially" born (the head is out of the mother's body but the torso still remains in her) and then the baby is killed as it takes it's first breath. This is murder.

2) Raising taxes is not the answer to rid America of our debt. Anyone who has to pay their own bills and support a family knows this. You do not borrow your way out of debt. It is time the government (all of them) realized this.

3) I do not believe in socialized medicine. Do your research on this. You will see that it really doesn't work. Yes, our healthcare system has problems, but not as many as the system in the UK (which is socialized) or Germany (and they are actually planning to turn to private health care).

4) I don't think Obama has the experience necessary. He's a one term senator. He would be a president overseeing a war- yet he has no war experience.

5) The people he calls "friends" scare me. Racists, terrorists, another friend with terrorist ties, a terrorist sympathizer, wait... another terrorist... seriously... another terrorist... and an indicted extortionist and money launderer. It is said that you surround yourself with people you want to emulate or people you have much in common with. Either way I am terrified by his choices.

OK... now on to the next bit...

A large plagerized bit from an undisclosed source (that's a no-no, you should always list your sources) was left comparing the Obama's marriage to the McCain's. I'm not really sure why this is an issue when no one had a problem with John Kerry marrying the Heinz heiress...

But more than that, are you saying that because there was money involved there is no love? I don't think you, or anyone in the media, has the right to speculate on what makes a marriage work. Unless, of course, it's the Enquirer... That's how they make their money.

And about Barack doing the grocery shopping... We here in Iowa got to hear his woes of the price of arugula. Yep, he's in touch with the "regular people".

Wow... this is getting long...

The next comment from Seeker went like this:

The fact that you think Im making a personal attack is ludacris, because
last time I checked it was a free country. If you only welcome people who think
like you to respond to a blog, then I guess I can see more of where youre at in
your line of thinking. I was simply making the statement that I would rather
have a "couple" like the Obama's making decisions for me than I would the
McCains, and my last comment was meant to clearly state the interactions between
the two couples, since I'm not up on the facts of their daily lives per say. I
apoligize if you have been insulted by my statements. Like many Americans, I too
have had it rough, and I too have worked very hard to get myself where Im at, so
don't lump me in the same catagory as those who are not giving 100% or even 50%
just because I choose the democratic side. The fact of the matter is is we all
need to look out for each other, and I don't feel that the last decade has been
about that, and I certainly hope that the next decade isn't either. When is the
last time you voluteered to read a book to a child that was left behind, how
about teaching a young single mother some parenting skills? Anyone? Bush?
Anyone? This is what its going to take to make America what it SHOULD BE.
Everyone being for everyone, and encouraging each other to be better. Lastly,
who decided without my consent to invade a country and spend 300 billion a day?
Talk about a waste of tax dollars?

Apparently someone thought I was commenting... Unfortunately it was not me, but my mother. So, yes, Seeker, I do welcome all comments and no, I didn't see any personal attacks in your previous comment. But what you seemed to miss was a bit more important:

I'm well aware of working three jobs while raising my children, getting a 4 year degree in 4 years and working myself out of poverty and how rough it is. Yes, I got some help but I worked myself out of it as soon as possible and now my WEEKLY tax bite is about $400. It is a sad commentary that most people are willing to accept an entitlement then complain that it is not enough instead of getting an education or finding a way to get out of the system, and even sadder that the system perpetuates itself by telling people who want to better themselves that they don't want to get a better or another job "or you will loose your benefits."

I don't "lump" people together. I encourage people on their own merits. I am very involved with my church, volunteer with missions work, help at local shelters and food banks and make donations to causes I believe in. And if you're going by "couples" please take a look at all Laura Bush has done for those people you laid out in your comment.

And about the war... It was voted upon with the most up to date information available at the time. Our congress passed the bill. Take that matter up with your elected official because his (or her) vote was your vote. The only reason the war isn't over is because we went in and then congress decided to take away funding. Had the war been fought correctly it would be done.

And for your final comment:

My last comment on this blog is this: Maybe Palin should stay home and take responsibility for her 17 year old daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock. Luckily her mother and father have alot of money because she "cant depend on welfare" and she can't have an abortion, that is if the republicans have their way. Now THAT is a personal attack.

You might want to step back on that one...

Are you saying that all unwed teenaged mothers were raised by unfit parents? Because there are 750,000 teen pregnancies annually - are you saying there are over one million unfit parents?

And, though you may not see it, people who believe in life see babies as a blessing, not a "punishment". The Palin family welcomes this baby as a blessing- who are you to say that it is not?

The money bit... Sarah Palin's husband is a fisherman. Last I saw that wasn't really a trillion dollar a year job...

Just as an aside... Palin's husband quit his job with BP to prevent a conflict of interest when pipeline negotiations began. Michelle Obama, however, was given a promotion when her husband became a senator and then her employer received a $1 million dollar earmark, requested by the senator. Coincidence?


That was long... Thanks to everyone who stuck through it. If you're up for just a bit more, here is a link to a great piece called A Tale of Two Parties. It's a true story of how a Democrat became a Republican.

Seeker- you are welcome to comment here any time, it makes for lively debate. Just, please, make sure you know that others comment here, too, and be sure you know who has said what.

Now I'm off to kiss my daughters and to thank my God for the blessed life He has bestowed upon me.


Seeker 10:34 PM  

Well a little spice never hurts a boring blog now does it....

seeker supporter 2:54 AM  

It's true! Her ridiculous rant is much more amusing than what is normally a very boring blog. Why do I read it? I don't know, it's just so self-righteous it's mesmerising.

vw bug 5:25 AM  

I am glad you took the time to do the research and have the links to back it up. I am sorry you have gotten such a troll of a commenter. Because I much prefer to see a good argument that has facts and the ability to back it up like you are doing. Please keep up the good work.

jennhuff2004 6:20 AM  

it think your blog is great jody. we are too numb as a society with all the blood guts and reality tv to appreciate a blog about someone working hard to have enjoy a great life. and thanks to everyone for a great debate.

Jody 8:13 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jody 8:29 AM  

Seeker- as I said, you are always welcome here. Although the slam about my blog being boring was unnecessary. It may not be interesting to you, but it is to others.

Seeker Supporter- I wish I could say the same for you. To be mean and hurtful is unnecessary. If you find my blog boring and self rightious please never return. I would block you so you don't have to expose yourself to it, but you are not brave enough to be anything but anonymous in your comment.

Anonymous 12:40 PM  

Good post. When people can not argue the facts they throw insults, as you have had demonstrated to you by some of the commentors. Quick correction, partial birth abortion requires the baby to be turned, delivered breach up to the neck, and then has a sharp instrument inserted (jabbed would be a better word) into the back of the skull and the brains are suctioned out, thus collapsing the skull and making the delivary of the dead baby easier. It's a mute point with Sen. Obama since he helped strike down the infant born alive protection bill three times when he was in the Illinois Senate.

Anonymous 12:57 PM  

Wow ... I shut the Google Reader off for the holiday weekend and look at all I miss!!

I wouldn't have added much to the conversation though, as I ditto everything you've said, Jody!

Jody 1:20 PM  

Anon- thanks for the correction on how partial birth abortions are actually performed. Still atrocious...

Melissa 1:37 PM  

Hi Jody,

I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate that one of the terrific benefits of reading blogs is getting to learn about someone with a perspective completely different from your own. Where you live, I suspect that most people share your views, but I live on the west coast and have never even met anyone with views as dramatically right wing as yours. (I know, I know, you probably don’t see yourself as ‘dramatically right wing’, again, it’s all perspective. Trust me that in Seattle, your views would be considered beyond extreme :>) ) I’ve been reading for awhile and have never commented, but just couldn’t resist after reading all of this political back-and-forth! You might want to remember that you do live in an extremely homogenous part of the country, and sometimes being surrounded by so many like-minded people can narrow your perspective. From either side of the political aisle it’s easy to find statistics and factoids to support your position. While you seem to have such a great heart, your political posts do sound a little self-righteous; I wonder if you could try to view the issues with more global awareness and perhaps with a bit more compassion? When someone expresses such harsh views towards others, I can’t help but think you must be pretty hard on yourself, too. I do really enjoy your blog, and hope you read my comment in the positive spirit I intend it!

Jennifer 2:16 PM  

I love this blog too. I came here just shortly after Brenna was born as you can see it's been awhile! Surly not boring then :) And if I'm away I catch up to the last post I read before I left.

I have enjoyed reading this "debate" just as much as I enjoy reading about anything else you might want to write about. :)

Jody 2:29 PM  

Melissa- thank you for your comment. As I have traveled rather extensively I know that my views are can be considered "right wing". But, because they are my views, I am entitled to them, just as everyone else is entitled to theirs. That is the great thing about our country- we are all entitled to our point of view (and won't get beheaded for voicing a view different from the leaders of our country).

As for a more "global" view... What is that, exactly? We have friends all over the world and they do not all hold the same viewpoint. It's impossible as everyone has a different reality.

If I do not stand up for my beliefs then why have them? They are not meant to be self-righteous, but I do stand by them as I am sure you stand by yours. I may not agree with you but I'm not going to say that you are self-righteous because you stand strong on what you believe.

As for living in a homogenous area... I dearly love how people on the coasts think that. Please visit sometime... I think it might chage your thinking.

Jen H 8:02 PM  

Well, you sure know how to get folks hot under the collar! It's nice to know we're all the same in the Midwest...though I don't see it. There are plenty of people at work who do not share my views on politics or daily life for that matter. Good post!

ghuff 8:09 PM  

Jody, I wish more people could come up from nothing and succeed. Your grandfather and I started with a 5 dollar bill and now we are not wealthy but very comfortable and should need no help in our golden years. Welfare was a dirty word in our day and impossible to get even if you were hungry and cold. We were, more than once. The midwest is a good place, whatever those on the coasts may think.

Jillian, Inc. 8:33 PM  

Well Jody - You know I'm with you and love your blog, too! I am so tired of hearing about all the people who think it's the government's role to help them. I could say more, but then I'm afraid I'd never stop.

Bou 9:37 PM  

I think you handled this all just PERFECTLY. Great facts, point for point, and it was clear.

I don't understand people who have the childish need to say nasty things when they feel things aren't going their way or when people have different opinions. It shows a lack of maturity, poor upbringing, and intelligence issues.

I have to shake my head.

And I love your blog. It is through here that I have followed your little girls... they are so very smoochy!

Jillian, Inc. 1:30 PM  

Oh, I forgot to say...Bush WAS reading to kids when we got sucker punched on 9/11. I'm just not sure if they were left behind kids.

Seeker 5:01 PM  

This came from Defenders Of Wildlife, you know, some more of those wacky liberals trying to be fair to the animals that live on our planet.


Jody 5:47 PM  

What your defenders forgot to mention is the bounty was placed due to wolf packs stalking and harming humans and to control the over abundant population. link here and and here

But if you would rather have a pack of wolves tear apart a child...

I'm afraid I have no problems with this. Then again I'm an "average white person clinging to my guns and religion".

Melody 7:37 PM  

So, WOW, I would definitely never call your blog boring or you self-righteous.

I am amazed that somebody would visit another person's blog and then leave personal attacks because they don't share their point of view. I attempted to look at seekers blog to see their point of view but I guess they don't have a blog and just set up an account so they could anonymously leave mean comments on other peoples blogs.

That is too bad.

Seeker 11:18 AM  

Well after having rattled the democrats cages, and the republicans cages, and getting very valid arguments from both, I am STILL a little unsure about who is going to do the best job. I have to admit, you republicans can argue your points. I was very impressed with Sarah Palin's speech last night, and the more I think about how much money is going to go to people who are not "putting out" (thank you Jody)with Obama's plan, the more Im ready to vote McCain. As much as I don't agree with SOME things the Repubs are selling, I can plainly see that they will probably do a better job. Jody, Im impressed with your ability to not take things I've said personally and just stick with the facts. Kudos. You've done well. For all others who have a bad taste in there mouth over what Ive said, maybe YOU should talk to Jody about how to not take everything so personally, and know that there was a purpose to my rants, even if those purposes are purely my own. As for my "hiding my identity" Im sure Jody knows who it is, and that's enough for me.

Sally 5:57 PM  

Wow. My heart is in my throat and I feel like throwing up after reading about what partial birth abortion really is. I admit that I never took the time to find out EXACTLY what it is b/c it's abortion, and I'm against that in any form. I just can't imagine anyone giving birth (partial or not) to a CHILD and then killing it. I thank God every day for my beautiful and healthy son.

And I grew up on the west coast, I lived there for 30+ years, and my views did not change when I moved east. I was this "right wing" crazy out there, too. Of course, I will admit, that part of why we beat it out of there was because we were tired of the views that were around us. But, we sure didn't move to some place where people have their heads in the sand. I'm not sure what your commenter meant by "homogeneous" -- I've met all kinds of people out here.

Jody - thanks so much for taking the time to explain and back up your views. I don't have that kind of patience, and you may have helped us avoid the hell that Obama would bring by being kind and factual with Seeker.

McCain/Palin in November! We have no other choice!

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