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Me, Give Up? Never!

>> Thursday, September 18, 2008

When I have my mind set on something it's rather difficult for me to let it go... That's how I was today with Caelan's photos. I was determined to get them done on her birthday and a little fussing on her part wasn't going to stop me.

So when she was settled into a much needed nap and Brenna was having her own (requested!) quiet time I called Clix! to see if they could get me in this afternoon. Joy! They could!

So after naps and lunch, off we went for photos.

I explained quite extensively to Caelan that we were going to take pictures and if she was very good we could go next door for ice cream at Marble Slab while we waited for our pictures to print.

That bit of bribery certainly helped. So did Brenna... She did whatever I asked of her. She climbed the ladder (because Caelan always wants to do what her big sister does), she danced, she played with the flower...

And Caelan gleefully followed suit. The photographer we had was wonderful with the girls (her name is Angela) and was incredibly patient with Caelan after I explained the morning's incident.

As you can see we got some great photos. And I spent about the same as I would have at Portrait Innovations (which is difficult to get in to unless you book a month in advance) because right now they have 30% off portrait packages. I told Angela exactly what I needed and she didn't give me any "hard sell" or tell me that we had to go through photos and options first. She made it very easy to narrow down the photos and get exactly what I needed.

One thing Clix! does is gives you "points" depending on the package size you get. The package I bought "earned" me 4 points. With it I got these fun items: 2 8x10 2009 calendar sheets and 4 "photo strips".
Sweet, yes? And a really nice bonus? You could choose from all the photos for these items- not just the "final" photos you chose in the package. That made it really easy to get the "action" photo strip and the sweet calendar shot.

Funny story... The princess tiara and puffy tutu? Not ours. They were on the shelf of accessories and Caelan zeroed in on them. And those produced the sweetest photos.


The Fritz Facts 10:13 PM  

She looks so wonderful. I am so glad that you were able to get some great pictures.

Marie 7:20 AM  

Just adorable! Happy birthday, Caelan! And way to go Mom!

Anonymous 8:16 AM  

See - everything happens for a reason. Had the pictures worked out earlier, you wouldn't have the adorable shots you ended up with. Glad your day ended on a happier note. Love, Mom

Anonymous 9:29 AM  

Aaahhh ... persistence. I like that. Show them YOU are the boss. HA!

Love the pictures. I believe everything happens for a reason ... and maybe, just maybe, your two year old shots turned out better than if everything had gone according to plan in the morning.

Great shots. Simply adorable.

Paula Reece 10:05 AM  

Oh, those are so precious! I'm going to have to try out Clix now. Especially since it's so darn close! (And having Marble Slab next door definitely helps!) So glad it worked out AND you were able to stay within budget! (Dave would be proud.)

Laine 10:33 AM  

I am hormonally out of wack lately.. and I am crying just viewing Calean's pictures. They are absolutely beautiful, you would never think that as precious as she looks here that she would EVER throw a temper tantrum! I'm glad you were able to go back and succeed, they are beautiful!

Fantastagirl 8:25 PM  

She looks sooo sweet and cute hard to believe she would give you any trouble at all. ;-)

I like the ones in the tira and fluff... The photographer captured her perfectly.

Anonymous 12:16 PM  

Very cute! I'm pretty sure our school pictures will not be as cute! At least Carter's front tooth came out AFTER they took the pics!

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