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I Probably Shouldn't Admit This...

>> Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I checked out two new cookbooks from the library...


I checked out Sandra Lee because I do love a good slow cooker recipe. And though I don't always buy the stuff she recommends and I may take a longer way about making some of her recipes (by not using pre-packaged stuff) I have to admit that they are usually quite good.

The Hungry Girl book was right beside it. I don't know if you've ever perused the website... It's full of good stuff but I just don't have the time to really delve into it. I barely have time to shower... Anyway, the author is a "Hungry Girl" who is, like the rest of us, striving for good food that doesn't come in a package that isn't bad for us.

So, I've been reading through these books for the past couple weeks... Yes, I read cookbooks. I read recipe magazines, too. And in the next couple of days I will be photocopying the recipes that look most promising so I can try them and if they are good- and only if they are good- I will share them on the recipe site. (Yes, I know good is a matter of taste. But it's my site so it's my taste.)

If you're impatient I highly recommend the Hungry Girl book. The recipes look good, they look easy to do and they look edible. I'm holding back on recommending Sandra Lee's cookbook. I just don't know how many recipes I will actually pull from there. Her books get me excited but then I don't use them and sell them on Half.com. Hence the borrowing from the library.

And now I'm off to make a dough starter. It gets to "grow" overnight. Here's hoping I don't wake to a kitchen full of creeping dough.


The Fritz Facts 7:25 AM  

I have all of Sandra Lee's crockpot books. We do those meals a lot in the winter time, and at the cabin. I love cookbooks! I will have to look into the other one.

Melody 1:04 PM  

That is so funny because I read cookbooks too.

I have actually never picked up a Sandra Lee cookbook. My favorites are Taste of Home and Gooseberry Patch.

I can't wait to see the recipes. I hope they are good.

Jennifer 5:58 PM  

Another blogger friend pointed this out to me the other day :) I love this website.

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