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We Only Go For The Toys...

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So... It's Wednesday. Usually it's a McDonald's day as Happy Meals here are $1.89.

But, quite honestly, the toys right now are, well, crap. My girls don't know what Star Wars is, let alone want anything to do with these really strange looking toys. And then, last week as we were eating, Brenna looked at the bag her food came in and asked me if the people with swords were going to "make people dead".


So today we went to Wendy's. We paid a bit more but the food is (much) better. And so are the toys. Right now Wendy's has teamed up with Hasbro.

We got the Barrel of Monkeys today. I predict half an hour of fun. Maybe more.


Fantastagirl 5:33 PM  

While we were traveling this weekend, we went to wendy's they got the "Cooties" toys... love it!

Bou 8:34 AM  

Do you have chick fil a? They have cool toys... books and educational tapes and such. And if your kids get too big for the toys or it is a duplicate, you can turn it in for soft serve ice cream.

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