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Because I Only Buy Big Items When They're on Sale

>> Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I’m sure that you all “get” that I’m frugal by now. Not much comes in to this house that hasn’t been paid for in cash and only after a lot of shopping around for the best deal. It’s been a tough lesson for us to learn, but as it sinks in and we live within our means we have found that it is easier for us to afford splurges here and there.

Right now I am considering a splurge on patio furniture. “But summer is over!” I hear some of you saying. Yes, it is. And that is why I want to buy it now- because stores need to get rid of it to make room for new merchandise.

I was checking out the lovely teak patio sets over at Max Furniture as they are having a summer clearance. Priced at 50% off it’s almost affordable.

Actually, all of their stock is 50% off. From living room furniture (mmmm… leather couches) to home office furniture (including a wall library unit with rolling ladder sigh), it’s all on sale. They even have some pretty fancy bar set ups for that entertainment room you’ve been thinking about putting in the basement. Did I mention it's on sale?


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