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Another Lovely Saturday

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

And more items to put on eBay. I only got 5 listed last week! One sold immediately (on a Buy It Now) and the others end in a couple hours (it looks like all but one will sell. Not sure why no one wants this practically new Baby Gap dress...If you're interested email me, we'll cut a deal.)

On for today? Fall & winter clothes for little girls (up to 18 months), a My First Leap Pad + 2 sets of books (barely used as Caelan preferred her sister's), men's Gap khaki's (worn once. Doug didn't try them on at the store and he didn't keep the receipt **he's a guy).

If anything interests you here's my seller page. Come buy (ha! Get the pun?) and help me reduce our debt!

FYI: Chances to win this great collage frame end Tuesday! Sign up now!!


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